Khoollecht is there (this week’s discoveries)

moelleux1. Khoollect

Haaa, I was utterly excited to find out has finally launched. I have been following editor-in-chief Rachel Khoo since I stumbled upon the BBC-program Little Paris Kitchen.

I love her retrodresses, her recipes and both her and my favourite lipstick is MAC’s Russian Red. Last Saturday, my cousin came to visit and the dessert was her moelleux with caramel.

Anyway, she has this website now that features all things I love: recipes, where to eat, how to decorate your table, travel tips, DIY …

A few months ago Khoollect was looking for a social media manager and I considered applying because it seemed such an interesting project to me. But it required me spending a lot of time in London, so in the end I didn’t apply. Not that I would mind being in London all the time, but I think Kristof would 🙂

2. Gizzi Erskine

Another favourite cook and style icon of mine is Gizzi Erskine. Ans she has new Youtubechannel, Wild Dish. Yessss. I know how I will be spending my days of this week!

3. Alternative Valentine Cards

Kristof and I never celebrate Valentine, because we think it’s totally artificial and overrated, but I came across these really lovely Anti-Valentinecards by Julie Ann Art this week. I think the one I would get this one I saw on Bored Panda. It seems to be sold out though.


4. Puddles of Toronto

Even with a smartphone, you can take fabulous pictures. Enjoy Puddles of Toronto! Or check Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz’ Instagram account.



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