What I loved reading this week

This week, I was busy trying to find out where to travel this summer. Kristof picked Vietnam from my list despite being concerned about the weather ans mosquitoes. We have decided we’re going on a food tour, and probably it will be this one, as there are some things off the beaten track

I managed to do one blogpost though, about my favourite cocktailbars in Berlin. At the moment, I have only three bars, so I realised have to go there again. Now I can hear Kristof say: as if you ever forget …

These are the things I loved reading this week:

  • Palestine on a plate
    We love the flavourful Israeli cuisine here at Casa Alaerts, but I never realised there’s also a Palestinian cuisine. Joudie Kalla has an app and will be releasing a book in September as well. I’m actually pondering whether to buy the app or not. I do remain a paper lover after all 🙂 I did start to follow her on Instagram.“Palestinian food is often referred to as generic Middle Eastern cuisine, or even passed off as Israeli,” Kalla told Middle East Eye. “I saw maqlouba advertised as the ‘National Dish of the Day’ in an Israeli coffee shop in London last week – my great-great-grandmother cooked this in a land of Palestinians and Jews and Christians, way before the creation of what we now know as Israel.”

    “My mission is to create a romantic side of Palestine which people have forgotten,” Kalla said. “I want to portray us as a culture and a country that existed before these lines were drawn.” You should definitely read the full story.

It’s kind of funny: the Western world is getting more and more racist (taking away refugees’ possessions, I’m ashamed to be a European!), but our cuisine keeps on exploring the world. So there’s still hope, I hope …

Imagine, you suffer from something and doctors don’t know exactly what. Jill Viles started looking around and could prolong her father’s life. Then she say this athlete Priscilla Lopes-Schliep on tv and thought they shared the same gene mutation. Only whereas Jill’s muscles are disappearing, Priscilla’s body found a way around it. A scientific whodunnit.

Some of you know what you will be getting for Christmas

In which Sali Hughes ponders about whether being kind is sometimes better than being honest and pleads for manners and politeness. Can’t agree with her more.

I adore Downton Abbey (still have to finish the fifth series though), as well as Ancient Egypt, and apparently Highclere Castle, where the series has been filmed, belongs to the Carnavon family. Lord Carnavon was the one who provided the resources that enabled Carter to find the grave of Tuth-Ankh-Amon. This must go on my travel list!





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