Stuff to check out

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make a weekly blog post with positive and/or interesting things. I failed until now, but here we go with some stuff worth reading:

  1. My musical hero David Bowie died two weeks ago. I have read so many things about him, but I loved to hear him impersonating Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen ../
  2. Sali Hughes on the Bowie grief police … I must say I was lucky: everyone in my timeline seemed to be mourning mr. Bowie. The good taste of my friends and acquanintances really surprised me. But apparently there were many people mocking the ones who were grieving. Yes, maybe we didn’t know him personally, but his music is as important to some of us as friends and family. His music was always there on difficult moments, on nice moments … It didn’t judge and never said the wrong things, so I consider his music as a pretty good friend of mine.
  3. This one is in Dutch and it’s about political incorrectness. The author thinks that these days being political incorrect is saying: yes we can help the refugees instead of whining that we can’t take them all. Very interesting point of view.
  4. Speaking about refugees. I feel obliged to share an article that I have shared many times before. Journalist Luke Mogelson and photographer Joel Van Houdt travel undercover with refugees.”Because we are both white, we thought it prudent to devise a cover. We would say we were Georgian (other options in the region were rejected for fear of running into Russian speakers), had sensitive information about our government’s activities during the 2008 war (hence, in the event of a search, our cameras and recorders), traveled to Kabul in search of a smuggler and learned some Dari during our stay.” It’s so interesting to read this story, especially for those who think refugees should just go back where they came from.
  5. I have started planning our travels. Turin and Reykjavík are definitely on the list, and at the moment we are looking into a food trip to Vietnam. I came across Molokai as a new destination. I was pretty surprised because I still connect it to lepers and Father Damian. It’s weird how you don’t realise that time has evolved there as well.

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