My week in pictures

Soup in my new bowl
Soup in my new bowl

Sales! I queued for more than half an hour at Urban Outfitters. My boyfriend’s pepper soup with meat balls tasted even better than it usually does!

homemade sandwiches
homemade sandwiches

On Sunday I baked sandwiches. Recipe by Roger Van Damme.

Lost Monday
Lost Monday

In Belgium we have loads of traditions which have to do with food. I like that! One of them is Lost Monday. It’s a local tradition that takes place on the first Monday after the first Sunday after Epiphany’. Then we eat sausage rolls and apple pastry (a whole apple covered in puff pastry with a pinch of cinnamon).





5 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. there are sales all over here too, and so stupid not to have any money to buy anything. I am really considering not buying any christmas presents next year, and just get something nice for everyone in January. It will be on sale, and I will be able to buy more things for the same amount of money. Spending all your money in December and walking past all those ÚTSALA signs is driving me crazzzzzzzzyyyyyy!!! Even both Gyllti Kötturinn and Rokk og Rósir have huge discounts… But there is always spring-sales, and this year I will be prepared for them!


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