Dance dance dance – Bal Moderne at Rosas

Sports could be fun. I realized that during the annual New Year’s reception at work. It took place at Rosas in Brussels, the dance company of internationally renowned dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. There was a Bal Moderne, which was awesome! The concept is great: professional dancers teach a dance of a few minutes to people with no experience at all. The main goal is fun. Which we all had. I saw colleagues who were a bit reluctant at the beginning, who danced so well in the end – better than me who had practiced beforehand.

I like this kind of thing a lot. It was an idea of Michel Reilhac, a Frenchman who was at the time the director of the CNDC, a well-known contemporary dance school in France. He wanted to make modern dance available for a broader public and created Bal Moderne. Normally you get taught 3 or 4 dance in the course of the evening at a Bal Moderne. In Belgium Rosas organizes it. Professional dancers made the choreography and teach it to you.

I was having a great time and it made me think. I’d love to dance, but it’s difficult for me with the spastic leg in regular dance courses. It would be great if there were a dance course which was aimed at fun, rather than technique. Nobody scowling at you because you lack technique, sense of rhythm or forget the sequence of movements. Nothing too complicated, just fun.

It does exist of course. But only for retired people as far as I know. At my previous job, OKRA, they organised this kind of stuff. But I wonder: does it exist at normal dance schools? If not, could someone please start doing this?


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