2013: the annual to do list

In 2012 I made a to do list of things I wanted to do in 2012. In the end, I achieved 6,5 of my 10 ‘goals’. It was a good way of keeping me focused on things I want to do and/or learn, AND stay away from Facebook and the idle charms of the internet (now and then). So this calls for a new to do list, version 2.013.

1. Learning Icelandic. It’s on my to do list again. As I was renovating our hallway in 2012, I just didn’t get to it as much as I should have. I raised my level of Icelandic a bit, but not as much as I wanted to. In October, my friend Heida gave me a cultural newspaper she edited which should get me started again, as well as the first Harry Potter book and ‘learning Icelandic online’. Maybe I should force myself to study Icelandic at least two hours a week?

2. The garden. In 2012 I have experimented with growing vegetables, which was lovely. I learned snails cannot be avoided, that wet weather kills a lot of baby plants, that you shouldn’t put stuff outside too soon. .. And that I can do it: I harvested lettuce, peas, beans, radishes, spring onions, raspberries, herbs … At this very moment my little pot with daffodils is blossoming. Now I want to take it to the next level and turn our garden in an urban gem. So I have to figure out what I want to do with it, study a little, what I want to grow (at the right time of the year), how I will arrange all my pots, and I have to paint the ugly concrete panels as well!

3. Watch 10 movies from before 1960. Because I have seen way too few old films in my life. Definitely on the list: That Hamilton woman, North by Northwest, The Birds, and Roman Holiday. I just adore the glamour of those days …

4. Visit the David Bowie-exposition in London and hopefully take a cupcake class at Restoration Cake as well.

5. Dinner at Roger Van Damme’s. Another one from the 2012 list. We didn’t get to his restaurant, hopefully we will this year. I just love watching him make pastry. Sometimes I use his recipes and they are really good, so I want to try his restaurant in Antwerp.

6. Learn how to handle a drilling machine. I’m going to buy one because I hate waiting until someone can do it for me. As I am a grown-up girl, I definitely want to take my DIY-skills to the next level.

7. 6 DIY projects. I have no clue yet which ones, but I like do-it-yourself stuff. My friend Alexandra recently gave me a really nice card stand, made of an old book. I just adore it and it will get a really nice spot in the house. My friends turned really nice vintage cups into candles for their wedding. This is the sort of things I want to do as well.

8. Read 25 books. I managed to read 20 books in 2012, and not 30 as I had planned. I also read books that were not on the list, so I’m going to put 20 books in here and 5 blanks.

Divine Comedy (Dante)
Don Quixote (Cervantes)
Ulysses (James Joyce – finish it at least)
The philosopher’s stone – JK Rowling (in Icelandic)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)
Henry V (Shakespeare)
Sweet Tooth (Ian McEwen)
The Kindly Ones (Jonathan Litell)
Three female portaits (Daphne du Maurier)
Children of Húrin (Tolkien)
All 9 Jane Austen books
The Regicide (Hanne-Vibeke Holst)
Godenslaap (Erwin Mortier)
The Kangaroo Communiqué  (Haruki Murakami)
The Cathedral of the Sea (Ildefenso Falcones)
The big postponement (Mark Reugebrink)
A girl’s guide to growing her own (Alex Mitchell)
The Popes (John Julius Norwich)
Lucrezia Borgia (Sarah Bradford)
Les fleurs du mal (Baudelaire)

9. Blog more. I’m (still) working on a blog with all pubs, shops and activities that you do not necessarily find in guidebooks. The blog is called Secret spots and hidden gems. It’s my own travel guide / archive I want to share. But first I want to have one hundred items before I launch it. Besides that, I have to start blogging about our upcoming wedding in 2014 as well.

10. Visit a museum or exhibition every month. I managed to do so last year, but as it is a really good one to get myself out of the house at least once a month, I’m setting myself this goal again.


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