January awesomeness

Last December I made up a list of things I want to do in 2012. I decided that I am going to write a monthly blog post about the progress ánd the awesome things I did during that month.

January wasn’t a very wintry month. No heaps of snow like my friends in Reykjavík had (which is -I admit- only fun for a couple of days). It was rather warm until a few days ago … No northern lights here either (there was a possibility after a sun storm) although I enjoyed a few really nice sunrises.

Sunrise in our garden
Sunrise in our garden

January is sales month. I didn’t spend too much. We still have to do a lot in our house, so I need to save it a bit. I’d rather travel this year than spend all my money on clothes. And our oven broke down (as well as the tv), so we had to buy a new one so i can make macaroons, cookies and cupcakes. I bought a really lovely Sessún dress and a green sweater (the one on the picture).

my green sweater

Another thing I bought (everything at Urban Outfitters), was this lovely vase, erm tea-cup. I just adore double tea cups. It came in handy at 6/1 when there is a really nice Belgian tradition (well an Antwerp based one). On the first Monday after the first Sunday after Epiphany it’s ‘Lost Monday’. Then we eat sausage rolls and apple pastry (a whole apple covered in puff pastry). It perfectly went together with some Paris tea (Marriage Frère) in my new cup.

Lost Monday with sausage rolls and (my new) tea (cup)
Lost Monday with sausage rolls and (my new) tea (cup)

I read a lot. I love to be snuggled up in the couch and read a nice book next to the Christmas tree. Steinbeck’s Of Men and Mice was stunning. The tense, uncanny atmosphere in this novel really grasped me. I felt all the way what was going to happen in the end. Yet I kept hoping it wouldn’t. I just love these kind of discoveries that send shivers down your spine!

I utterly enjoyed rereading my 40-year old copy of Pride and Prejudice (Gosh I love the smell). It has been my favourite book ever since I read it the first time. The way Austen portrays her characters made me laugh out loud a few times. I love her humour. It made me want to read the whole Austen back catalogue. I think I’m going to do that …  I have already started Emma, which is also on my list I also read Parisian Chic which is a style guide/Paris shopping guide by model Ines De la Fressange. So I have read three books from the 30 I want to read this year.

One of my tweets made it to a magazine. The last edition of fashion magazine Glam-it featured tweets of readers who really regretted the fact that the magazine stopped. I did a blog called RIP Glam-it Rip Guilty pleasure. Why it was my guilty pleasure, as the editors commented? My boyfriend always called it ‘the emanation of the unbearable lightness of being’. I couldn’t care less. I’m going to miss it!

The only concert I saw was Sóley, an Icelandic singer with keyboards and a drummer. I really love her witty lyrics, eg Smashed birds:

“And there I took all of your birds

and I smashed them in my pocket-Oh

And then I got the feathers off and

I made myself a beautiful dress”

The concert was in a beautiful old house in Schaarbeek, really lovely Belle Epoque style. It did justice to the music. I have always loved living room concerts. It’s the intimacy I guess. The sound is not always fab, but usually the location makes up for it.

One last thing I did from my bucket list is visiting a museum. In my own city even. I have lived here for six years now and I never visited any museum here. Shame on me. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I had expected a shabby thing, but it looked like any other decent museum. There was an exposition with paintings by Breughel, a Belgian renaissance painter (16th century) who painted peasants, sayings, traditions … The exposition took a look at how he influenced other Belgian painters. Some (Brouwer eg) took his theme and focussed on the psychology of the peasants (this is getting a Allo Allo scene :)). Others were influenced by his style. It was interesting.

To end this lovely napkin. Modern, yet vintage. The sandwich in it tasted the better


3 thoughts on “January awesomeness

  1. Je hebt toch nog een hoop gedaan en wat een mooie sweater! Ik houd ook erg van lezen, ik lees alleen veel te snel (ik ga dan bv de hele nacht door en dan is het uit) dus mijn geld gaat vaak vrij snel als ik in de buurt van een boekenwinkel ben…


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