Of ovens and choice

“Pyrolise or not?”
“This one has energy class A – 20 %”
“This one has three baking trays and that more expensive one only one”
“If only we would live in a communist society. It was your lucky day if you could choose at all”

My boyfriend and I were joking, but in fact we got slightly desperate. Choosing an oven, my dears, is a haphazard thing to do, but the peril could no longer be avoided. My old seventies relic can’t control temperature anymore. Choosing these things is something we genuinely dread. What to choose? There are no fixed standards that ease your choice.

“How long will this more expensive one last compared to the cheap one?”, I tried. The sales guy couldn’t tell. I don’t mind paying double, if the oven last twice as long as the cheaper one. If only there was a checklist. If you pay this, you will get this this, and this. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Too much choice wears me out sometimes. Do we really need 20 possibilities? How about only five or so? What does one take into account and what not? It’s mere chance after all.One little thing that went wrong during the production of your oven, can cause it to break down far earlier than expected. In the end we decided upon the cheapest one, without pyrolise. As we would have had in the communist days!


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