A seal in a Stanley Kubrickmovie

Time seems to have a different pace. People with white silt on their faces glide through the water. The steam seems to slow them down. It’s better than I expected. Not too many tourists. All of a sudden I expect Alex and his droogs from A Clockwork Orange to raid the place for the moloko we have on our faces. I try to swim, but I’m not really advancing. The sauna and the steam bath are a bliss, as is the waterfall. How I love the land of the Nice!

My first time in the Blue Lagoon. Nine years ago, I never made it. We were running late as we were travelling the country. Or we were too tired. I thought it was too touristy, but luckily we picked a quiet afternoon today. My brownie tastes really well, as does my dish at the Thai restaurant in Keflavík afterwards. Icelandic swimming pools is what I am craving for the most when in Belgium. We lie down on a wooden chair at the side of this geothermal pool. I wonder whether this is what seals must be feeling like. The woman at the bar is dressed as if she can feed us fish any time.

This after-airwaves-week is brilliant. I also visit Lilja and Óli in Keflavík. Another first time … I have never been in Keflavík city before. On the way back Heiða gives me a tour: a 10/11 supermarket, a gift store, a Thai, a place where you can eat fish and three art galleries a.o.

Heida and Óliver picking up a cd for Wim

Later that week -on my last day- we go swimming in Álftanes. On the way to it, we pick up a cd for the almighty Wim and pay a visit to the president. Another first time. I have never been to Bessastaðir before. Óliver wants to ring the doorbell, but Heiða doesn’t think that’s a good idea. There’s a lovely church in front of the presidential mansion (that used to be a school building) and a rather sweet graveyard (and a lot of duckpoo – a lot of birds in the area – Álftanes means bay of swans, Heiða tells me).

Shall we ring?

The night before, Alexandra invites me to go and see the play she’s in. I feel honoured and excited. I have never seen her play ‘for real’. The play was Völuspá, a nordic food expedition. Völuspá is a story from the Poetic Edda. A priest (völva) relates the story of the beginning of the world and its coming end. The play is combined with lovely food: lamb, lamb’s tongue, almond milk, scones baked with lamb’s blood, fish … A part of the play is in English … The main course in the library of the Nordic house with glorious book table (I want one!), with the lovely Loki as a host. Toasting to Baldur was so sweet of him… I happened to sit next to a girl who had studied in Brussels for three years – it’s a small world! The going down to Ragnarök, where we could see the future events- was quite an experience. It was so good to see Alex perform! There can’t be enough Mimi’s in this world!

On my last night I managed to meet my long time friend Elias – who studied at Háskóla Íslands with me. Basically travelling to Iceland is meeting friends the whole time. My last night dinner and the one we did for Marcus are such lovely, warm  moments. I cherish them for the next few months. See you all next year!


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