Under the weather Airwaves

Something quirky happened to me during this year’s Iceland Airwaves. I didn’t feel like seeing many concerts. And obviously, I wasn’t the only one. Many people told me they were feeling a bit too tired to hop from one concert to another.

Are we getting old? Has the festival become too big with too many options to choose from? Then I realised it was the weather that was wearing me out. It was quite windy and the weather changed sometimes four times a day.  I remembered how it was when I was living in Reykjavík: sometimes I was just too tired to go somewhere just because of the strong winds that seem to devour your energy.

But all in all I really enjoyed the festival. Sometimes it was a bit stressy: so many people I had to meet and hang out with, but on the other hand I just love that! Meeting Greet, Elly, Jamie, Katie, Kate, Ben, Bob, Nick, Pam, Mark, Peter and so many others while watching bands- it was all so great. In the mean time I was also hanging out with my host Alex, Heiða, Elvar, Óliver and the other Icelanders. Hopping from Kex Hostel to Hemmi og Valdi to some shops to Hressó during the day, and from Harpa to the Art Museum to Amsterdam during the evenings.

Harpa from the inside
Harpa from the inside -view on the harbour

The new venue Harpa is really cool. I don’t think it’s a coincidence  I saw a few of my favourite concerts up there: Sóley (also the award for coolest outfit 🙂 I want those shoes!), Mugison (who was dirty, filthy and woohoohoo sexy as always and Of Monsters and Man (my main discovery this festival). Other bands who were new to me and whom I really enjoyed were Klassart and Samaris.

I also really liked Borko at the Art Museum. That man is so underestimated. Go and check him out at Gogoyoko, when you can listen to loads of Icelandic music. The sound at the Art Museum was sometimes a bit disappointing (high ceilings I guess). Which is a pity because I was really looking forward to see Beach House and their music got sort of lost.

Hellvar in Munnharpan
Hellvar in Munnharpan

I also saw a few really nice gigs in Amsterdam: Aela on Sunday (award for best dress up party) and Hellvar on Friday. Hellvar had had a lot of practice doing seven gigs in five days. My favourite one was the one in Munnharpan on Sunday. Everyone was relaxed, laid back and so willing to listen to their acoustic gig. The sun was shining in the windows of Harpa. A perfect chill-out on a lovely Sunday! Other pix are to be found here.

Aela - dressing up
Aela - dressing up

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