The spacial awareness of the Icelander*

* Thanks to Ben for the title

Imagine you are at a Beach House concert at Iceland Airwaves, you are Icelandic and you want to go towards the back of the venue (i.c. the Art Museum) . On your way there are two people standing, dressed in red. Since they are not romantically involved, there’s a gap of 20 cms between them. What do you do?

a) There’s more space left and right of them, so I walk round

b) A gap? Nice! Let’s squeeze myself through that! And give them a punch or two while doing so

c) Two people? Where? O, I just torpedoed myself on one of them. But hey,  I’m drunk!

If you’re lucky, the Icelander chooses option B. Mostly it is C. Why, I hear you asking? Is it because you were dressed in red? Did that work as a red rag to a bull? No, ’cause even when you don’t wear red, the Icelander bumps into you. So, what is it then? Lack of spacial awareness? The air? Too much love? Someone?

Even more strange is the fact I forget about this bumping into people every year again. Maybe it is as my friend Elly points out: they are huddling together for warmth? There is a lot of warmth is this country, in spite of its name. That’s what I experience over and over again. Whenever I return from Iceland, I feel like a more positive person. My friends and the people I meet here give me loads of positive energy. And that’s – I believe – why I keep forgetting about the lack of spacial awareness of the Icelander.


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