No use for scapegoats at Pukkelpop

Pukkelpop the day after … It seems unreal … Just saw the press conference … Utter disgust. The press wants scapegoats. I have some breaking news for you: THERE ARE NONE! I can’t hear the question anymore whether the organisation could have warned people for such extreme weather. So what? Where should people have gone too then? It all happened in 30 minutes …

There was nothing they could do. Nature came in the way. This green-greyish sky and this kind of storm is something I have never seen before in my 30 years on this planet. Not in real life at least. Only in films about tornadoes. The wind, the hail … it was a bit … I can’t describe it. Surreal? Apocalyptic?

We must be glad the damage wasn’t any worse. I was standing in the Club-tent. The stakes were shaking there too. It was scary. The wind got under the tent. I wanted to get out of there. I tried to figure out how those stakes would fall. Told myself not be such a pussy cause people around me were still laughing and having fun while my knees were shaking. I sensed panic among other people too, so I was glad I wasn’t the only one. Even more scary was that people at the sides didn’t want to leave the tent. Can’t blame them cause they saw what was flying around and collapsing flag poles and tv-screens outside. You couldn’t see two metres far.

A friend filmed this from the area where I was, just to give you an idea:

After a while the storm calmed down. I heard the Chateau had collapsed. Minutes before the storm broke out I had been talking to my brother-in-law who was going there with a friend. I was in doubt, but I decided to go to Miles Kane after all. I tried to call my boyfriend to check whether this was true. After half an hour or so I could reach him. Indeed the Chateau had collapsed but his brother and his friend had escaped. 

I stayed for some hours, barefoot in the mud. Everyone was really calm, wondering what to do. Reaching out for news. There was none. Called the boyfriend again. Could reach him after 45 minutes. He told me there were two or three dead people. Decided I’d go home. Not in the mood anymore for music.

And then I hear people asking whether they get their money back. Five families don’t get their relative back, hello?! Three people are still fighting for their lives. The organisation gets blamed by people who weren’t there. Can we please show a little more respect?


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