Scribble nostalgia

The irony of the postmodern era hit me mercilessly last Sunday. My friend Fanny wanted a letter. So she wrote on Twitter and Facebook. And so I composed her a note. By hand.

My scribbling worried me slightly.  Always had to pay attention to my handwriting. Even in elementary school. Order exclamation mark. How many times would my teachers have written this in my books? Then my teenage time: enter the digital age. Result? Cramped fingers after more than a paragraph in pseudo calligraphy. Rheumatism, thought Lord Hypochondrio. Drama Queen, cried Lady Ratio.

And then my good friend Nostalgia popped up again. It’s my age, I guess. I wrote an awful lot of letters between my fourteen and my twenty. The loneliness of adolescence. A window on the world: Australia, Thailand, Hungary, Indonesia … Daydreaming . As Fanny pointed out correctly : we forgot the fun of writing and receiving letters.

I gave Fanny a special instruction in my letter. Which one, is something you can read later on her Tumblr. Twinkle in my eyes when I got the idea. Is it brilliant? No. Genius? Even less! Silly and childish, yes. But oh so funny.

Why Fanny wanted the letter? An assignment of Wreck this Journal. Seems damn hard to do so. A mental hurdle. On each page a different assignment. Including something with a letter. A booklet, Facebook, Twitter and a lovely old-fashioned letter. That’s all it takes …


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