Online shops in Belgium: a little rant

You have an awful lot to do when moving houses. Eg. changing 1001 addresses. Ici Paris XL, a Belgian perfume and beauty store, sent me some samples to our old address. So I went to their website to change my address. In their FAQ they explained how to do that: go to our shop and fill out a form for a change of address. Uh, what? A form? On paper? So I went to the store. It was fixed in no time, but still …

Do you really have to go to a store in 2011 to change your address? I mean physically, in person? It was Saturday, so it was busy. It would have saved both me and the shop assistant time if I could do it online.

But so be it, at least they do already have a webshop. A pet topic of mine, so I keep ranting for a while. Why do so few Belgian brands have a good webshop, if they do have one? I hate fitting rooms with cooing  teenagers, crying babies – please, please, leave them at home – and especially too many people on a Saturday. I am also quite willing to support our economy, but hello, then that economy has to be willing as well. Now I buy quite often in Dutch, Icelandic and UK online stores. Just because they offer me the opportunity.

I do understand that a webshop is not a priority, but one must be able to buy without going to a store? Recently I bought a nice cape by Volcano Design, the brand of the Icelandic designer Katla Hreidars. The webshop wasn’t fully  functioning yet, so we settled it all via e-mail. Which was really nice!

Why are we lagging behind in Belgium, yet again? I do understand that store owners are reluctant to open up to 20 hours, as in the lovely Berlin. Want. To. Live. There! A lovely idea, a store that is open when other people have time to do some after workshopping. But make sure you have a webshop. A great brand like Just in Case has no webshop. Guys, wake up, it’s 2011. I want to be able to shop from my couch!


2 thoughts on “Online shops in Belgium: a little rant

    1. All together! Yes! This weekend we launched the plan to go to Berlin for 10 days next year during the holidays, just to chill and relax and our friends immediately wanted to come along 🙂 But I’d love to go to NY too, so we’re not sure yet 🙂 Or Iceland of course!


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