Champions of surrealism

We’re in a festive mood. A French fries revolution, students who are stripping and a huge old-fashioned ball in the streets of Ghent, all to celebrate the world record our politicians have set last night… The organisers of the latter have been encouraging our politicians to attain the mythical world record of  250 days without a national government. Yes my dear friends, for the very first time in almost 30 years I’m proud to be a Belgian! Dreary, grey, boring Belgium is finally outstanding in something.

Foreign media fail to understand:

a) why we’re laughing at it while we should deal with a major crisis
b) Why we still are taking it

The answer is in our genes and it’s called surrealism. Think of the painters Rene Magritte and Paul Delvaux. Combining two or more things together that don’t fit.

Empire of light - Magritte

We speak three languages (Dutch, French and German), but in our capital Brussels you hear more English and Arab (dunno actually, but something completely incomprehensible) than one of these three official languages. We have six governments in a country the size of a handkerchief. Politicians rather take part in tv-quizzes than solve the crisis. Reality around here is sort of surreal.

Why are we laughing at the sheer incompetence of our politicians? My little theory is humour is the way we coped with all our oppressors. We have been part of Spain, Austria, the Netherlands throughout history …  We never had an identity of our own. So, we just don’t care who’s ruling us and humour has been our means to survive during the past centuries.

By the way, we’re not taking things entirely for granted. We went protesting in Brussels with 34 000 people against … Well, there wasn’t one thing in particular we went protesting against -surrealism *check*-, but we wanted to show our politicians we’re fed up with it. But the politicians minimised it. Voters’ opinions don’t count. So we just laugh at them and encouraged them to break that world record.

But today is another day. And we need to get our act together. I do have some suggestions:

1. Prohibit the media to bring any political news until we have a government. Politicians are constantly launching and judging ideas in the media. I do question their role a lot recently but I’m going to dedicate another post to that later
2. No wages for any politician until we have a government
3. Only healthy food for De Wever until we have a government
4. No guys for Di Rupo until we have a government

Apparently we’re going to have big  protests in May. Almost a year after the elections … About time!


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