Antony tackles a conservative interviewer

Now I understand why I connect so much to the music of Antony and Johnsons. Yesterday the Dutch tv-channel VPRO broadcasted an interview featuring Antony, who is one of my all time favourite artists. He chose a few of his favourite tv-clips and got interviewed by Leon Verdonschot.

What I do admire about Antony is his courage to be genuine, to be the person he really is. He chose a path that wasn’t/isn’t the easiest, since he’s transgender. He has a lot of little theories in his mind about biology, being predestined in social roles, men that shine … He doesn’t take anything for granted, often because of his transgender point of view, which was very interesting.

It was a weird interview, I think due to the conservative interviewer. Antony opened up and closed himself off again almost the whole time, like a butterfly. From my experience I know interviews are very hard when interviewer and interviewee don’t connect. It happens. But in this case the interviewer was pushing Antony too hard to say what he wanted to hear as an answer, instead of just having him ponder about life and come up with all his little theories.

But Antony remained Antony and saved the interview. Eg. the part with the speech of Robert Kennedy, after he had heard Martin Luther King had died. A brilliant, personal speech. The interviewer makes a big mistake and doesn’t ask why Antony chose this  piece. He asks whether this isn’t frightening, people who speech well in these circumstances. That’s how dictators get popular, says the interviewer. Antony is puzzled and asks what his point is. It sort of went nowhere because Antony didn’t try to be interesting, but remained himself.

The questions were sometimes prejudiced. Antony broadened everyone’s view (transgender as being a third possibility, next to hetero- and homosexual) and that’s why I recommend this episode of Wintergasten to everyone (Monday, Ned 2)! I especially like this clip:


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