An app to try on clothes please

I was walking through Brussels around 6 o’clock for some after work shopping. Went to H&M to see whether there was still some Lanvin left, especially the red tulle dress. Of course it wasn’t there anymore. The pieces that were left really disappointed me. Especially the details were sort of rough: loose threads, looking as they had been turned inside out.

Then I was heading for the cooking shop. It was five to six and they were closing up. A shop in the middle of Brussels, capital of Europe, full of tourists? Even in the tourist area around the Grand Place a lot of shops had closed already. When I travel I usually shop as late as possible in order not to carry around everything the whole day, so it doesn’t seem a clever thing to me.

It made me miss Berlin. Shops open up slightly later and stay open until eight. And in the evening you see a lot of students working. Why can’t we have that here? Wouldn’t that be much better for the economy? And students could earn some extra money after school. It’s just a thought while I’m forgetting this is Belgium. Flexibility tends to be a bit difficult around here.

There is this 24/7 shop of course called internet, but its big disadvantage is that you can’t try clothes on. Maybe someone should devise an app for that?!


4 thoughts on “An app to try on clothes please

  1. Well, I still wouldn’t feel how it fits … I believe that what I want is a far advanced stadium of augmented reality that can’t be reached anymore during my life 🙂


  2. I’m from Let me know how would you dream be to try on clothes on internet.

    By “feeling” how it fits, do you mean that you’d be able to know how tight it feels against your skin (comfortable/uncomfortable); or how tight it looks visually on your body (stylish/not stylish). Or perhaps you’d rather have more emotional cues – such as do you get the “good feel” about a garment how it looks with your skin, hair, or accessories?

    If it’s about the comfort, which visual cues would you like to see that tell you it’s too tight?


    1. I’m sort of emotional regarding clothes. I tend to fall in love with them, sort of. I’m the sort of person that dances through a shop when I find a perfect dress or skirt. I’d like to feel indeed what they are like, how they feel on my body. Don’t think apps would be able to replace that 🙂 Sometimes I get slightly philosophical in my blogs. But thanx for reading it


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