The little weirdo I am

At least once a day I do something peculiar (others prefer to call it crazy, stupid or ‘your general tendancy to be slightly forgetful and distracted’). Yesterday the most peculiar thing in a long long time happened to me after a long night of partying in Reykjavík.

It’s a tradition that I don’t go to bed anymore during my last night in Reykjavík. The airplane leaves at 8 in the morning, so you have to be in Keflavík at 6 which means leaving Reykjavík at 5. Normally I’m very tired then, but yesterday I felt quite okay. I got in the plane as one of the first persons and after 5 minutes I decided to close my eyes. An unspecified amount of minutes later I open them again, wondering whether we have already taken off. I look outside the window and see the plane is horizontally. Wohow, so I completely missed the take-off!! Can you imagine that?

Normally I suffer from my ears or, when leaving Iceland, crying. Maybe this is the solution to all of these problems!

The Solfar Suncraft by Gunnar Arnason


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