Ladurée vs Hermé: 0-1

The next day, you get up early. Your white carriage with golden doors and six swift horses awaits you. Destination: Paris. Secret mission: macaroons. The cook heard it is a local speciality, so you have to go and find out so she can make them for the next banquet og the King and Queen.

You try Ladurée, the most famous. You wander down Rue Saint-Honoré. A visit to Colette is on your list. Damn, this is such a cool shop. Not too cheap though. Good music, design and cool clothes. And a Diana Lomo camera. Would you buy it? You’d love to experiment with it!

Ladurée then. You really like the lily of the valley taste. The aftertaste screams ‘almonds’ veru subtly every time. You also try rasperry, mango/jasmin and rose. You love it … Eating your delicious little sins between real oh so stylish Frenchies does make you feel real and less touristy. The Marie-Antoinette tea makes the picture just perfect.

And yet you miss something. Cause earlier you popped in at Pierre Hermé‘s bakery to buy some macaroons. And you had  the taste experience of a lifetime. The passion fruit / milk chocolate was a mere flavour bomb that left you delirious for five minutes. The rose one  brightened your day as did the cassis and the chocolate … This man loves his art, that’s something you taste. Sheer love and passion!

A Passion Fruit/milk chocolate macaroon @ père Lachaise
A Passion Fruit/milk chocolate macaroon @ père Lachaise

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