Pretending to be Marie-Antoinette

Your private servant, James,  guides you to your room in the south dungeon.  A large Caravaggio painting, Judith and Holofernes, hangs on the purple wall. An enormous four-poster bed stands in the middle of the room. Golden curtains, you love it.  The room is every girl’s dream. A boudoir in Louis XIV- style. For a brief moment you pretend to be Marie-Antoinette herself. The black Arabesque wall paper om the opposite wall is just astonishing

James announces there will be a ball in an hour and a half, downstairs in the Elisabethan hall. So you head to the bath room. This surpasses every imagination. A black bubble bath with golden taps, black mosaïc tiles on the walls… Maria – a servant you hadn’t noticed yet – calls for you. “Lady, which scent would you like tonight.

You smell over and over again. Lemon/mint, lavender/apple or patchouli/lavender/vanilla. No, it’ll be Sabon’s Tropic Body scrub. This scent reminds you of summer and far off countries. Nights at a Hawaian beach, the warm sand beneath your feet. You feel divine after using it. You’re not totally wild about the matching butter cream. It’s a tiny too chemically pineapple like. When you apply it, it sort of matches, but you would have preferred the scent of the scrub …

You pick your dress and are ready for the night …

A touch of heaven
A touch of heaven



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